Our mission: Enhance Football Fan Engagement


One platform for all

There are so many different apps and news sources that you lose some important content everyday. We want to bring all you need for following your teams in just one place, where you can get livescores, stats, news, and different types of content for any competition very easily.

Social interactions

In an era where social media has gain a small time of our daily routine, we want to expand the social interactions in a football environment, in which match data and communications meet to bring a new experience. 

New experiences

Technology is evolving fast in every industry, and we believe there’s a lot to do in the sports entertainment area. We don’t just want to maintain the audiences engaged, but give them more exciting experiences wheter at home or at stadia through AR and other leading technologies. 

Who is this for?

Without the fans, football wouldn’t be what it is. Fans are the spirit of the teams, the number one motivators, and the main source of revenue for both clubs and sponsors. 


Clubs, and actually teams, are the cornerstone of the sport. They’re the main entertainers and the ones who take the action. However, the way they communicate and reach fans is scattered, thus we want to provide them with a better solution.


One of the most important players in this industry are sponsors. Without their support, the different competitions and clubs wouldn’t be sustainable. That’s why they need a more accurate way to reach fans, and what better than in an already segmented platform.


“When good soccer happens, I give thanks for the miracle and I don’t give a damn which team or country performs it.”

 – Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan writer

We're looking for fans like you!


We are working on the first version of the app, and you can help us improve our initial offerings. If you believe you are a real fan and think that today’s apps are not enough, let us know and you’ll have privileged access to all the features along with a special treatment for life.

About us

We are a team of football passionates and tech enthusiasts that want to transform the fans experience.

This startup was launched and founded at Founder Institute New York.

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